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KBI provides the research service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry worldwide and partners with academic institutions in the following models.

•  Service partnership – either Fee-for-Service (FFS) or Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) contract agreements. 

For the FFS model, the contract is based on a unit price per service aligned with the client’s defined milestones. Under the FTE model, KBI provides the clients with a project team and resources for the dedicated studies for a specified period of time at fixed rate per unit. 

KBI warrants a client for exclusive use of monkey disease models based on a “first right to use” principle.

•  Strategic partnership: 

This is for a specific joint project for mutual benefits such as development of new disease models, innovative platforms and technologies, validation of biological molecules in primate samples and tissue bank. The costs, resources and outcomes will be shared in principle.  

•  Other partnership: 

KBI has exclusive co-marketing agreements with reputable CROs to advance or broad our services. We also partner with hospitals, universities and research institutes to access a wide variety of world-class equipment and expertise to enhance our capability in efficient and cost-effective manner.

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