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Kunming, China, October 27, 2016

KBI has developed hypertensive models from high fat diet (HFD) induced cadiovascular disease NHP models. Utilizing High Definition Oscillometry (HDO),  blood pressure (BP)  measurements are performed to screen for hypertension in NHPs.

HDO is an non-invasive approach to blood pressure measurement that allows the real-time visualization of oscillometric pulse waves during the opening of an artery as the pressure decreases in an occluding cuff.

     HDO has the following advantages:     
     ·  Fast processors (32 bit)
     ·  High definition sensors
     ·  Easy operation for animals
     HDO measurement has been validated in comparison to  direct BP measurement:
     ·  Normal Systolic Pressure: 110-120 mmHg
     ·  Hypertension: Systolic >140 mmHg
                              Diastolic>90 mmHg

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