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Tissue and Blood Bank

Kunming, China, February 27, 2022

KBI routinely houses several thousands of cynomolgus and rhesus macaques. We have spontaneous or induced disease models of NHPs covering the therapeutic areas of metabolic, cardiovascular, hepatic, CNS, renal, inflammatory, immunological and ophthalmological diseases. We have collected about 9,000 formalin-fixed tissues and organs, 1,000 cryo-preserved specimens, 1,000 plasma/serum samples, 10,000 tissue blocks and 13,000 histopathological slides from both normal and diseased monkeys. All specimens are linked to documentation of the history and all assessments for specific individual animals, including clinical examinations, treatments, blood chemistry, imaging, relevant biomarkers and histological reports. KBI’s NHP tissue bank has been proven to be a unique and extremely valuable source for drug target discovery, biomarker development and in vitro PK/PD explorations in the translational research for humans. 

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