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Kunming Biomed International (KBI) is a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing preclinical research services that specialized in nonhuman primates (NHP).  Our core competency stems from our vast experience and expertise in the development and application of translational primate animal models for the pharmacological efficacy and safety evaluation of test drug candidates and medical devices.  KBI has state-of-the-art AAALAC accredited vivarium, animal research facilities and clinical laboratories, extensive colonies of healthy, SPF and naturalistic disease models of purpose-bred NHPs combined with experienced research and scientific teams, high-end clinical technology platforms and cross-species biomarker programs that can support a wide-range of services while ensuring consistent high-quality results and rapid turnaround time.  We also conduct adjacent studies including PK/PD, pathology and exploratory toxicology.  We offer cost effective studies of the highest quality while upholding the highest ethical standards of animal care and welfare.

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