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Disease Models

Stroke Model

Kunming, China, October 27, 2016

KBI establishes stroke models by Middle Cerebral Artery (MCA) occlusion reperfusion by intravascular intervention technology, which can closely mimic the pathophysiology in ischemic stroke patients. By using this technology, the degree and extent of ischemic damage is controllable.

This NHP MCA ischemia-reperfusion injury model provides translational value for investigating the efficiency of promising and novel therapeutic and neuroprotective pharmaceutical agents before advancing to human clinical trials.

Technologies used for monitoring and evaluations:

·  Computed tomography perfusion
·  Digital subtraction angiography
·  Magnetic resonance imaging
·  Neurological evaluation
·  Necropsy, gross pathology and histology

                                                                      DSA                                                                                     CT-Perfusion


                                                                  MRI T2-FLAIR                                                                              MRI DWI


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